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Do you require the assistance of a dependable Florida real estate lawyer for your real estate needs? Get the uncompromising representation you need by working with the Hildebrandt Law Firm, LLC with a qualified team that has the experience to represent you and your family regardless of the Florida real estate challenge you are facing.
Foreclosure Defense

According to Florida law, all foreclosures must be done through “Judicial Foreclosure,” meaning that the courts must oversee them all.

The Hildebrandt Law Firm, LLC has the experience and knowledge that will help you avoid errors, save time, and increase your chances of keeping your home. We have the experience and knowledge about all your options for your foreclosure case and will offer you the best options that will suit your needs and assist you with strategies that will enable you to get the desired result.

By partnering with the Hildebrandt Law Firm, LLC, you’ll have the peace of mind that a reliable and trusted attorney will fight for you and your family.


When evicting renters, landlords must adhere to specific regulations. You and your family run the risk of losing your home if you are facing eviction, and having an eviction record might limit your possibilities of finding a future home. Bring your case to the Hildebrandt Law Firm, LLC for assistance. We can assist you in preparing your case using tried-and-true laws and procedures to help you avoid being unlawfully evicted.

The Hildebrandt Law Firm, LLC can also represent landlords in an eviction case using our tried-and-true strategies and procedure, tailored to your needs.

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